Belonging is one of the greatest and most primal drivers of humankind. We want to connect, share, relate, feel accepted, and feel safe. There’s such variety in the things we belong to, be it our family, a friendship, a place, a group, or even a feeling – and we can find this sense of belonging everywhere and anywhere we go on this planet.

But belonging is a big word, with a big meaning, and with, most importantly, a big impact. It’s about exploring and engaging with the things that make us similar, and celebrating and learning from what makes us different.

Airbnb realise this and champion it. Because more than being about just lodging or travel, Airbnb is a community – a community of hosts and travelers who embrace the idea of sharing, hospitality, and human connection, worldwide.

And with seven billion of us in this world, Airbnb want everyone to feel they can belong, anywhere.



Explore how Airbnb can creatively empower their existing community to grow this idea of ‘belonging’ out to a new audience; translate this into a campaign. 


At Airbnb we’re here to attend the needs of all by providing a sense of belonging to welcome everyone to our community as one, opening doors to new experiences along the way. Being an Airbnb secure and committed member allows you to become part of the opening doors community, a community that solely sets out to create new experiences for Airbnb members.

Receiving our interactive electronic key fob grants you access to specially organized events that can only be entered by members of the opening doors community.
The key fob not only grants this access, it also holds each individuals profile that can be scanned and seen by hosts. It opens access to the opening doors smartphone app that posts all up and coming events to members and hosts the ability to ‘check in’ to locations, as well as offering a messaging service to stay in contact with new friends met at our events. 

Teaser campaign posters will go up in cities across the world.

Stickers of the Opening Doors logo will be sent along with the electronic key fob to new members of the Opening Doors community. They will be advised to start a ‘sticker bomb’ Guerrilla marketing campaign placing the sticker on unused locks only in their surrounding cities and towns to tease and promote the campaign. Images of these stickers in place will then be made into marketing posters and will go up in cities across the world to spread the word and open doors to new experiences.

Guerrilla & ambient marketing. As with our sticker campaign the door hanger will also be sent along with the electronic key fob to members. This will spark a guerrilla marketing campaign advising members to place these hangers on doors as they please, within reason of the general publics privacy. Promoting the campaign and opening doors to new experiences.

The Opening Doors members are granted access to great private events hosted by Airbnb in venues and spaces that are otherwise out of bounds to the general public. An oppertunity for Airbnb to say thank you to our hosts allowing them
to feel part of an exclusive club. Hosts can bring up to one guest with them to each event. Press and bloggers will also be invited to events to spread the word. Opening Doors to new experiences.

A mainstream newspaper press ad goes out in which the viewer slides open a hidden z-fold to reveal what is behind the door, opening a world of new experiences and promoting our campaign.